Community TV of Maplewood & South Orange NJ

"You and Your Pets"
Dr Ernest Rogers along with co-host Mr. Jim Horton explore veterinary medical subjects of interested to South Orange/Maplewood and surrounding area viewers.  Subjects are varied and include veterinary clinical specialty review, discussions of diseases relevant to our dog and cat patients, discussions of the human animal bond and other subjects that impact veterinary and animal services locally and throughout North America.

Abbey Finch, host

"Community & Business"

Abbey Finch hosts Community & Business, a program dedicated to showcasing local business owners' talents. We highlight business owners from the local community and across New Jersey to learn about the rewards, hardships, and behind-the-scenes action of operating a small business. Finch owns a marketing consulting company focused on helping small business owners' revamp their marketing efforts to achieve success in a highly competitive market."


"The Grapes Unwrapped"        

Hank Zona brings you along for a conversation on all things
related to wine. Hank is a wine educator and events professional who writes and talks about wine, consults with consumers and sellers, and judges wine contests. To him, wine is fun and social and connective and personal, something you share with family and friends. You are welcome to join him on "The Grapes Unwrapped".

"Artist Avenue"

I'm Lauren Forbes and my show will feature local artists (both in front of and behind the scenes) including musicians, writers, designers, producers, directors, and actors just to name a few. Viewers will get also get a sense of the artistic process that creative and performing artists (like myself) use as they present their craft to the public. My goal is to elevate the already thriving arts scene in and around our community, and further solidify our role as hotbed for the arts in northern New Jersey. 

"Dustin's Kaleidoscope"

Hi, I'm Dustin! I am the host of Dustin's Kaleidoscope. We feature a wide array of guests and topics ranging from traveling to mobile apps to gardening. Thanks for stopping by and while you are here, take a moment and subscribe to my Youtube channel and my Facebook page,

"Books in Action"

Is a show which celebrates words and the impact words have on us. We highlight the literary talents of South Orange and Maplewood.  Our guests include authors, librarians, illustrators, book groups, editors, newspaper men and women, basically anyone using words to convey or shape a story or an opinion… Topics of conversation range from e-books to banned books, technique to technology, philosophy to practicality, through subjects as diverse as those about which people read and write.