Community TV of Maplewood & South Orange NJ

Books in Action

Books in Action is a show which celebrates words, how we use words and the impact words have on us. We converse with people involved in the institutions that promote literacy and ideas including authors, librarians, illustrators, book groups, editors, newspaper men and women, basically anyone involved in conveying or shaping a story or an opinion… Topics of conversation range from e-books to banned books, technique to technology, philosophy to practicality, through subjects as diverse as those about which people read and write.


Nostalgia Alley

Nostalgia Alley is a talk show hosted by Mike Sobel. He and his guests discuss the people and events that have shaped the past and that have influenced the present.


Education Roundtable

Education Roundtable focuses on issues important to the school district of Maplewood and South Orange. The goal is to highlight the organization and achievements of the district, its teachers, administrators and students and to give the community an appreciation for these efforts and accomplishments.


Dustin’s Kaleidoscope

Dustin Dumas interviews people in the community with a diverse background of skills and interests. She has interviewed authors, filmmakers, gardeners and many more.


Career Corner

Career Corner is a talk show hosted by Heather Swift. She and her guests discuss career options at every stage of a person's career. Heather Swift is an SVP for RiseSmart, a Talent Mobility firm. She has over 20 years in partnering with HR and helping people excel in their careers, reinventing themselves and bringing purpose into work. Heather loves to share career success stories and help people navigate the ever-changing world of work.


SOMA Show and Tell

South Orange children’s book author and children’s podcaster Ethan T. Berlin brings his humor to the classic school activity of show and tell. Each episode, Ethan welcomes a handful of SOMA children to show and tell something special to them. Along the way, Ethan interacts with them in a way similar to the classic show Kids Say the Darnedest things. This cute and funny family show will be watched and enjoyed by SOMA children and parents together.

Dr. Ernest Rogers

You and Your Pets

Dr Ernest Rogers along with co-host Mr. Jim Horton explore veterinary medical subjects of interested to South Orange/Maplewood and surrounding area viewers. Subjects are varied and include veterinary clinical specialty review, discussions of diseases relevant to our dog and cat patients, discussions of the human animal bond and other subjects that impact veterinary and animal services locally and throughout North America.